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Property Dragon Property Management

Property Dragon Property Management System

This is an online software platform which can utilize your logo to provide the services outlined below.

Property Dragon Property Management Overview:
  • Rent Entry

    Rent Entry -Our rent entry system includes a detailed profile for every single tenant, lease start/end date tracking and calendar, late payment tracker with late letter/envelope generation, support for late fees and fines, tenant notes, check upload with smart payment (1 touch) entry system as well as a ledger generator to document rental history.

    Core Features

    • Detailed Tenant Profile
    • Lease Start/end Date Tracking
    • Late Payment Tracker
    • Late Letter/envelope Generation
    • Support for Late Fees/fines
    • Tenant Notes
    • Check Upload
    • One Touch Smart Payment
    • Tenant Rental History
  • Trouble Ticket System

    Trouble Ticket System - This system includes detailed trouble ticket title labeling with rich text description which allows you to thoroughly record and convey any possible issue, store pdf/invoice with very wide range of upload file support, cost tracking for accounting purposes, Photo gallery with the ability to title photos as well as label them with a detailed description. Accounting and cost tracking, private notes as well as vendor information and details.

  • Vendor and Client Systems

    Vendor system - Keep a profile on every vendor as well as notes, full contact information, and a list of all assigned trouble tickets.

    Client System - If you manage properties for others or want partners to view, the client system allows for unlimited users to be added to the management account.

  • Leasing System

    Leasing System - Complete online application system for both you or your team on the back end as well as ease of use for your prospective tenants on the front end. Applicants can apply right online, upload drivers license, pay stubs, support for any/all supporting documents and information right through our system. Smart tracking system shows both sides which step in the application process the applicant is in, complete with online detailed application form. The integrated Lease Generation System can generate the lease for approved tenants at the push of a button. Customization available to use your own lease. Rental property front end storefront style display for your website with direct online application and application payment support.

  • Statement System

    Statement System - All completed trouble tickets, rent collected and details are automatically properly organized into a complete statement which you can send directly to your accountant. - All completed trouble tickets, rent collected and details are automatically properly organized into a complete statement which you can send directly to your accountant.

  • Property Profile

    Property Profile - Fully detailed system allowing you to specify pertinent information about your property beyond just the basics which include address, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and garage or basement information. This allows for details such as the ages of any mechanicals or appliances, details on them, ability to upload their respective manuals, lock box codes, security alarm passwords, remodel details, paint color codes, roof year and specifications, fixture details or specifications, general notes and much more so that you can easily reference any details about any of your properties.

Potential Customization

Every business is different, and our system can grow with you. �Hire us to develop modifications to suit the needs of your business. �Custom modules are available as well as customization of any of our existing products.� Contact us for more details and pricing.